Project Case Study:

Property types: 2 nr 3 storey blocks, each containing 9 flats

Contract duration: Nov 2019 to Aug 2020 (inc close down due to Covid 19)

Contract Value: £375K

Construction: Traditional with face brickwork and tiled feature panels

Before works Commenced

Scope of refurbishment works:

  • Roof renewal with Metrotile lightweight tiling system to replace original low-pitch felted covering.
  • Replacement of roofline plastics and RWGs.
  • Renewal of windows and doors onto original balconies
  • Liaison with Newport City Planning Authority to agree a redesigned elevational treatment
  • External wall insulation to all walls, including previous tile hung areas.
  • Artbrick finish to large gable walls and coloured texture render to other areas
  • Renewal of balcony paneling with composite boarding
  • Balcony repair insulation and waterproofing.
  • External works to gates, drainage and car park drainage.

Westdale Midlands were engaged by Newport City Homes to partner in designing and delivering a refurbishment package to the two prominent 3-storey blocks of flats in what is otherwise an exclusively 2-storey dormitory town on eth outskirts of Newport.

The blocks, whilst displaying many of the key architectural features of the estate generally, were tired and dilapidated.

Therefore, in addition to addressing the maintenance liabilities and thermal deficiencies of the dwellings, NCH wished to improve the appearance of the building and its contribution to the overall quality of Underwood.

Westdale Midlands are able to deliver a wide range of thermal improvement measures, and when it comes to EWI, an unrivalled range of finishes and options. With this flexibility in mind we proposed a series of revised elevational treatments for consultation with residents and then for approval by the Planning Authority.

A variety of designs were produced and presented at a community consultation event.

The preferred design was then negotiated with Newport City Planners prior to implementation on site

The key challenges of the project were as is always the case, namely working around residents and causing as little inconvenience as possible.

Technically the works were relatively straightforward for Westdale Midlands, being undertaken in-house and with the support of our long-term partners for items like access scaffolding and metal fabrications.

The major impact on the project was the imposition of a national lockdown during delivery. This presented a potential security and safety problem, but the use of cameras and the speedy return to work as soon as possible exacerbated these risks and limited delays.

On completion, many people commented that the block resembled a new-build development and was a great improvement

There were communal areas in the blocks, where good communication, signposting and robust procedures were needed to ensure the safety of all residents in the block, whilst still allowing them to go about their daily business as much as possible.