Project Case Study – Ruperra Close

Refurbishment of 9 blocks of flats of at Ruperra Close

Client : Newport City Homes

Contract Value: £722k

Contract Duration: Nov 2019 -Oct 2020

Westdale Midland Ltd were commissioned by Newport City Homes to refurbish 9 blocks of flats at Ruperra Court.

As part of the works, Westdale developed a solution to replace the existing, attached, masonry and concrete steps with bespoke designed freestanding units. This was to address the need to overcome the severe cold bridge that would have remained had the existing steps been left in place.

Using our in-house resources and supported by Consultant Engineers Curtins, We proposed a replacement steps specifically designed to minimise the time that the residents were inconvenienced by limited access. Being occupied throughout the works, the methodology of replacement of steps was the most important consideration for the delivery team. We utilised all of our skills and abilities to work through our RLO team with the Residents to ensure both a safe and convenient method. This process of logistics and bespoke method will be key to a successful delivery of the balcony renewal works at Stevenson Court.

Design Drawings from Curtins:

The solution is a high quality product that enhances and augments the improved aesthetic afforded by the EWI works.

The units were fabricated by Albion Welding Lt at their factory in Pontypool. Their assistance in developing the design and commitment to a quality product was a critical part of the developing partnership between Westdale and Albion, the outcome of which is clear to see on site.

Photographs follow to show the steps in situ.

These photographs show a block of the houses, before the works with the concrete steps,

and the block after the works, with the steel staircase fitted