Project Case Study – Corby


Eco-Refurbishment of 227 non-traditionally-constructed properties

(Wimpey-No-Fines, Wates & Unity Flats) delivered in 3 phases

System: SPS Envirowall / Alumasc Swisstherm

Client: Corby Borough Council

Contract Value: £1,353,654

Contract Duration: March 2017- October 2017

Westdale Midlands Ltd were appointed the principal contract to project-manage and deliver an investment & regeneration programme to 227 properties of varied non-traditionally constructed archetypes, including Wimpey-No-Fines, Wates, Easiform and Unity four-storey flats.

Scope of Works: The investment programme required the survey and subsequent removal of non-licensed Asbestos, enabling works, the installation of External Wall Insulation, coupled with the replacement of soffits, fascias, gutters and rainwater goods, providing a long-term solution to these tired-looking properties.

Structural Issues: Westdale worked closely with Corby Borough Council’s appointed client agent, Michael Dyson Associates, to undertake structural surveys, agree upon and complete structural/remedial works prior to the  installation of External Wall Insulation, this included a combination of minor surface cracks through to more significant structural issues, requiring heli-strapping.

Programme of Works: The works were phased in a logical, intuitive manner, based upon geographic locations and property archetypes. Phase 1 of the    measured-term contract saw the successful delivery of 85 Wimpey-No-Fines properties.

Pilot Property: The client identified two pilot properties in prominent locations, which were completed prior to the delivery of the main programme. This approach served two purposes: it provided residents with an opportunity to visualise the uplift to their homes. It also allowed all site-based operatives and sub-contractors the opportunity to fully understand & communicate their individual requirements. This enhanced understanding between delivery partners facilitated a more efficient and seamless delivery of the main programme.

Tenure-Blind: Corby Borough Council was keen to include private householders in the programme, who had purchased their homes through the Right-to-Buy scheme. Through an effective community engagement campaign, consisting of ghost-written Press Releases, multimedia and targeted direct-mail co-branded marketing campaigns, Westdale ensured that private householders were offered the same best-value rates as procured by the client.


Thermal Performance: In accordance with BS EN ISO 6946 : 2007 and BRE Report BR 443 : 2006, achieved a thermal conductivity (U-value) of 0.032 W/m–1·K–1.

Aesthetic Uplift:

Westdale worked closely with the client, who had no firm design code or fixed architect-led plans for the four-storey flats. Our in-house architect-led design service proposed over a dozen different solutions. This iterative process provided a comprehensive refinement of the final design solution, which facilitated the Planning Application Process , as well as the ‘Section 20’ leaseholder consultation process.

Fire Rating:

Westdale specified a Non-Combustible EWI system with high polymer/standard cementitious base coat render prior to applying the topcoat finish, tested and validated by BBA (certificate 13/5065 Product Sheet 1,2,3,4 &5.) The EWI system included EPS insulation, which, when tested as a completed system achieved a European Fire Classification B, s1-d0 (BS 476 fire class ‘O’). The system complied with the following:

  • The Building Regulations 2010 (England and Wales) (as amended)
  • The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (as amended)
  • The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012
  • NHBC Standards 2014

Engagement with Local Schools:

Westdale proactively engaged with local schools to ensure that children living in the vicinity were fully-briefed over the (potential) risks of active construction sites. Our mascot, ‘Westy’ helps to deliver a serious message in an interactive and fun manner.