External wall insulation 

What is EWI?

External wall insulation (EWI), also known as solid wall insulation (SWI), is a specialist treatment for cold homes that are classified as ‘hard to treat’ housing. Your house is hard to treat if there is no cavity within the external walls or in some cases the property is of ‘system build’ or ‘pre-fabricated’ construction type. These types of houses are difficult to insulate because traditional methods, such as pumped insulation, are impossible to use to increase the house’s thermal efficiency. In these cases the only way to ‘warm up’ these homes is to insulate the walls either on the inside or the outside. We feel internal wall insulation (IWI) is an inferior treatment because the installation is very disturbing for the occupant and treatment can be far more expensive than insulating the outside of the property. 

Benefits of EWI

Improved thermal performance

Less CO2 emissions

Improved acoustic performance

Prolongs building life

Low maintenance

Wide range of finishes and colours

Why Westdale?

Westdale are the UK’s leading SWI installer because our finishes are simply unbeatable. Our EWI packages include an award-winning finish. Where many other companies will simply provide insulation with a functional render finish, Westdale Midlands will completely transform the look of your property. We can make a rendered property look like a brand new brick building or add a bright Mediterranean look to your dilapidated brickwork.

Our skilled team of operatives are able to adjust the tint of our brick effect render finish to closely match other features or surrounding buildings. We can replicate stone headers and cills, brick or stone quoins and visually rejuvenate your property. We feel our many years of industry experience allows us to do this and it sets us apart from the competition. Westdale are the original EWI contractor and brought the brick effect to the industry. Our quality finishes cannot be replicated.

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